After the surprise of a lifetime… that he never saw coming… PATRICK PRAMAN IS PRO! We couldn’t be more happy, proud, honored – all the emotions – to welcome Patty to the pro ranks.

Patrick’s debut pro decks are now shipping to skate shops everywhere in two of our most requested sizes, with phenomenal graphics by DLX Artist Andy Pitts

“Pro Oval” 8.5″ that blends together Patrick’s own Thai heritage with the classic Real Oval graphic in a very special way. With a deep maroon red bottom ply showing behind the graphic, this one looks incredible.

“Silk” Pro One-Off 8.25″ with art inspired by the tote bags his Aunt would bring him as gifts from Thailand every time she visited. Patty loves these bags and always has one with him everywhere. The raised ink give this one a super unique woven texture.

This moment is one for the books. His parents and grandma hiding in a food truck waiting to pop out before Patrick got rushed by his closest friends from all over the country. The look on his face said it all… We couldn’t be more happy to say that Patrick Praman has officially arrived!