Postcards From Mark Gonzales
Postcards From Mark Gonzales
We’ll never stop being fans of mark Gonzales. His art… his skating.. just him! So when an envelope showed up with art for a new Postcards Series with Ishod, Kyle and Zion it was a done deal! To celebrate we put together some of his classic REAL Video parts along with some of our favorite Gabe Morford photos from Mark’s REAL Days.
3rd Annual Kyle Walker Day Video
The 3rd Annual Kyle Walker Day, or OKC Day as Kwalks calls it, went down last weekend. The dunk tank helped cool everyone down, the food truck kept them fed and the raffle to benefit the Cavett Kids Foundation left everyone stoked!
Jack Olson’s Greatest Hits
To celebrate Jack going pro (a couple times) we put together some of our favorite clips from over the years. Congrats again and again Jack!                                                                                                                                                                                 See Jacks Newest pro boards at