Kyle Walker “Be Free” Rough Cut
While working on a video part can be stressful at times, K-Walks always keeps it positive… even when dodging cops at Wilshire and making friends with security guards. Thank you Kyle! See how it all went down behind the scenes in his “Be Free.” Rough Cut, now playing on Thrasher.
It’s the start of a new year, and a new decade… a good time to look forward at new ways to do things, like Dennis does while skating classic SF spots (check his new AD at Pier 7) while also looking back to remember where it all started, like digging up Todd Francis’ first graphic he made for us (James Kelch Twister). Through the years the goal has always remained the same – make skateboards our team will be stoked to ride… until the wheels fall off. The newest offering from the REAL Skateboards crew… Enjoy the ride.
WHY SO SAD – Raising awareness for mental health issues and suicide prevention in skateboarding and elsewhere.
John Rattray is a skateboarder and advocate for mental health awareness, using his voice to enact positive change and help open up the conversation about suicide prevention in skateboarding and elsewhere.
This year, for his WhySoSad? fundraising mission, John rode his bike over 100 miles and vowed to learn a proper Sad Plant. After following along with his amazing journey we had to get involved. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these boards and shirts, with art by Jon Horner, will go directly to the WhySoSad? fundraising efforts.
Learn more about the project at