Treasure Island DIY – Coming September 2018
We didn’t set out to make a full length documentary about a DIY skatepark. It started as a ‘how to build a quarter pipe video’ with our friend Josh Matlock. The cops busted them at the first build… After that we just kept the cameras rolling, not knowing where or how the story would end. From pouring concrete to city hall meetings, this is the story of how a renegade crew of DIY builders made their own skatepark happen, from the ground up. Visit Treasure Island DIY for more.

K-Dubs / Oakland
Skating teaches us to look at our surroundings different. Walls and obstacles become opportunities. Youth Activist and Artist Keith ‘K-Dubs’ Williams see’s Oakland as a place for positive change, taking action and creating new environments for the youth. You will never look at a trash container as just a place to throw garbage again.

Uprise / Chicago
As the world changes around us daily – one truth remains – for a scene to grow and survive it needs a heart to keep it going. For 20 years now Uriah, Ken and the crew from Uprise have steadfastly given the skaters of Chicago a place that they can depend on, where all who walk through doors can feel at home. This is the story of how and why they keep it going.

Out of Sight is a series of short films from REAL Skateboards that highlights the efforts of a few who make skateboarding better for all.

Filmed and edited by Jeremy McNamara

Know of a project or person that is pushing skateboarding and would make a great Out of Sight? Let us know about them.

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