Justin Brock Naptime Interview

Hey, what’s up Justin? How’s the ATL life?

It’s tight. Well, everything’s tight except for last night I left one of my cars unlocked and fuckin’ somebody broke into it.

That’s just weird. Someone broke into the car?

Yeah. Well, my car was unlocked and someone just went through it… and it was in my carport, right beside my house. It’s not even a bad area, but I guess it’s just random. It’s been happening. Somebody’s been doing it. I just thought the car was locked and it wasn’t.

Justin Brock Naptime Interview

See Davis, this is how it’s done.

That’s crazy. Well, shit. All right, what’s the story with nap time? How did you get involved with the video?

I got involved with nap time, just because Davis would come on the session we would have when we were going out to film with Tim and then he would either just get a second vx angle or we’d just like film something at a spot, like, fucking around.

Do you think Davis named the video “Nap time” because he takes a lot of naps or was it just random?

I don’t know. I don’t know what goes on in Davis’s head, so there’s no telling. He probably has some long ass story for why it’s called “Nap time”.

Justin Brock Naptime Interview

Yeah, I bet he does. How was it filming with your teammate rather than filming with a professional filmer like you’re used to?

Davis IS a professional filmer, OK?

Justin Brock Naptime Interview

Did he ever put the pressure on you like “Damn, this angle is going to look sick in the video, you better get it,” or anything like that? Was he pretty mellow about filming it?

He was pretty mellow. I don’t even think we talked to each other like, “Hey let’s film a trick for Nap time.” It was just totally organic, man.

Justin Brock Naptime Interview

Totally organic, right on. Do you think he has a future as a cinematographer or should he just stick to skating?

I think he could do both. Didn’t he used to film anyways in Minnesota. I think he’s got a leg up on most of us who would try to film. I know I can’t film for shit so.

Yeah, me neither. Man, it’s the worst every time… There’s one trick in the video where you backed Robbie up and it get’s covered up by an animation. How did it make you feel that Davis poached the trick and then tried to use it even though you wanted to save it for some other shit you’re working on?

Oh, I mean, I don’t care. Whatever he wants to do with it … Doesn’t bother me.

Justin Brock Naptime Interview

Brockel Naptime – MD 8.25 X 32.22 & LG 8.43 X 32.22

Davis Naptime – MD 8.06 X 32 & LG 8.38 X 32.56

You think Tim was pissed that he was poaching all his shots and shit for months on end?

I don’t know. Tim’s a pretty laid back guy. I don’t know what you’d have to do to make him mad in a filming situation.

Yeah, I don’t know either, he’s like the mellowest filmer ever.

Yeah, he’s pretty much Canadian. You know how nice those guys are.

Justin Brock Naptime Interview

180 Fakie 5-0

Yeah, they’re all real nice up there in the great white north. What’s the story about stabbing the whale? How did that happen?

We were at that alleyway spot, or whatever, it was behind some buildings and there was trash everywhere and that whale was there. I don’t even know why I stabbed it. Just because, I think. Why not?

A few concerned citizens contacted Deluxe making sure you cleaned that up. You did, right?

Yep. I cleaned it up. Did somebody really call Deluxe about that fuckin’ whale or the dolphin or whatever?

Justin Brock Naptime Interview

No, no. I was just making sure. Do you always carry a knife on you, just in case a whale jumps out to attack you?

I do, well it was provided to me by REAL, so yeah, I carry it. Yeah, team knife killed that whale.

Yeah, now we’re all part of the crime. Fuck!

We’re all in it together, guys.

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Photos by Gabe Morford – Interview By Nate Alton