Board Constructions

One construction for all? Fuck no.

All skaters are not the same – why should their boards be?

Believing that performance and feel of your deck is important – duh- we set out to make the best boards for skateboarders. It was never about just one style board to fit all, but decks that would allow skaters to choose specifically for how they individually want to skate.

Unlike many companies, we don’t make special decks for our team riders and then sell decks of lesser quality. The same decks the team rides are the ones we sell. It’s the way it should be.

Pick the ride that works best for you. Kill it out there. Thank you for being a part of REAL.


Longer Lasting New Board Feel

Thicker X-Band Strength


Full board width nose to tail

Holds shape an 1/8″ wider all the way to the nose and tail tapers.


More board control and strength realized

Lower center of gravity no bull shit gimmicks

Designed using low pro’s proven center pressed construction Low Pro II has a slight nose to tail rocker, lowering the deck’s center of gravity for more control and a quicker pop. rs-c-lowpro2

Quicker pop

A tighter side to side concave that improves the decks overall strength and lasting pop.


New stronger x-bands for more strength

Low Pro II decks increased strength & lightness comes from two newly developed stiffer x-bands combined with an exclusive new additive free glue that strengthens the bonds between plies without adding any extra weight.

Longer lasting guaranteed

No bullshit gimmicks, just great fucking boards with a lower center of gravity for

More board control and strength guaranteed.


Real Skateboards signature construction

Stronger lasting pop guaranteed

Guaranteed to last R1 Construction decks are made using an exclusive technique producing stronger, longer lasting, better performing skateboard decks. True universal press molds use equal pressure across the entire surface of each deck ensuring a centered, consistently even, lasting concave. Two X-Bands make each deck stiff and strong, but also allows just enough flex for maximum pop and response.


Slide anywhere – guaranteed

No more sticking on rough ledges, gripping on rails, sticky coping or rusted car bumpers.

REAL Slick Decks = Full Deck slide everywhere

Slick for everywhere REAL slicks are constructed with an exclusive long lasting, ribbed polymer that is fused to the bottom ply of an R1 deck With heat instead of glue for a lighter, stiffer ride, that slides everywhere. Long lasting full deck Coverage, less surface drag, stiff and fun as hell to ride.