Dennis Busenitz

Pushing San Francisco Since Day One

Best thing about SF: Small enough to skate around and big enough to not get bored doing so.

The best spots in SF are slappy alley, third and army, fort miley, 3 up 3 down, axis cafe, waller benches, china banks and I'm probably forgetting a lot of them but those are my favorites. Also, I guess, all the krunchy little spots that in themselves amount to shit but if hit together make the spot that is sf.

SF is best know for EMB. Thank you Mike Carroll.

For someone who's never skated in SF. Where is the first place you would tell them to go? Twin peaks. It's just cool for getting an idea of the entire bay area.

Go to spot for food? Higher grounds. It's a coffee shop in Glen Park that's run by the hardest working dude I know.

Top 5 Reasons you love SF?
Weather- warm enough to skate and cold enough to keep you in check
No car needed
The history- especially the skateboarding history
The natural setting
The food- i love food

Security/Cops in SF are good for: Impressing my kids.

Describe SF in one word? Pushing.

Skateboarding in SF will always be what you make it.

Something SF has that nowhere else does: Wheatberry.

Favorite spot in SF? Home.

If it wasn't for SF, I wouldn't be... Pushing?

Best thing to come out of the SF skate scene? I'll just say Joe Valdez. Not because he's the best but because he always slips thru the cracks. He's not a thing but i don't know what thing is worth mentioning.

Funniest thing you've ever seen happen while skating in the city? Getting chased by a gang of thugs in the mission at 4 AM. Funny now scary then. Anybody who gangs up on anybody isn't worth a hoot.

Do you remember the first time you came to SF? Where did you go? Yes I sure do. We went and skated this bump to hydrant near Deluxe with Matt Field. Looking back I can't believe how insanely excited I was about that.

Who from SF do you owe it all to? There are a lot of things wrong with that question. Who can honestly say that they owe it all to one person and if it could be so how can you assume this person is from SF? Of course there are a lot of people who I'm indebted to and they know who they are.

Things you miss most when you're away? Always that one stupid thing you forget to pack.